Kuratau School


Is the trip on?


Due to the changes in policies with RAL this year, we will be up the mountain every Wednesday throughout Term 3 (unless the mountain is closed).   This means you could expect to pay 10 x $25 = $250 + $99 season pass.  

We will be going in all weather conditions.


How do I get there?


Students must ring their driver to make arrangements for pick up and drop off.

(ie. Driver to pick up from approximately 6.45am)


What are the key times?


6.45am  Meet your driver

7.00am  All drivers to meet with children at the Intersection of  SH 41 and  SH 47          

8:00am Meet together at the top of the Bruce Road - Lorenz's café 

2:00pm Return equipment and prepare to leave 

Departure time approximately 2.30pm.  Drivers return children to their house by approximately 3.30pm