Kuratau School


We suggest polypropylene or merino underclothing for both upper and lower body and layers of warm clothing in fabrics such as wool and fleece.  You should also have a warm ski jacket and pants or other protective clothing which is sufficiently waterproof and windproof  to avoid hypothermia. Don’t forget ski gloves (2 pairs, as these can get very wet), something warm for the neck (but NO scarves), long, warm socks (wear only one pair) and ski goggles / sunglasses. Each child must be responsible for his/her own gear.  It is recommended that each child carry up the mountain a small backpack with  their lunch, drinks, snacks, and anything else they may need on the mountain.  Don’t forget sunblock and eye protection and helmets!! 


Each child must take his/her own lunch. As snow sports is a strenuous activity, we suggest that they eat good nutritious food and drink plenty of water. Plenty of snacks tucked into their pockets go down a treat on the mountain.  The children are often thirsty at the end of their day so it is a good idea to pack a spare drink and some nibbles  for devouring on the way home.  Each child is responsible for his/her own money and the purchase of any food on the mountain.