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Intention of Enrolment Form

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Intention of Enrolment Form

We welcome enrolments for Year 0-7 students.

First and Last Name

Current Address of where the child will be living at time of enrolment

Please ensure this is an up-to-date number

Can we contact you on this number during the day?

Please enter your child's date of birth.

Please enter a date as to when you wish your child to enter Kuratau School

Please choose the current Year level for your child. Note: We do not take enrolments for Years 8's

Please provide an alternative name and number that we can contact if we are unable to contact you

Please enter any relevant details regarding your child. Previous school history, academic records, preschool history. etc

IMPORTANT NOTE: Acceptance of out-of-Zone enrolments will be subject to the terms and conditions of our out-of-zone enrolment policy

Is there any additional information that you feel is relevant to your enrolment intention. For example: Do you have siblings at the school? Are you moving into the area, and if so when?

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