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Chris Bayler




Masters in Science

General Information

Christine Bayler, BOT Treasurer
I have a Master’s degree in Science and trained as a mycologist (fungi), but now I work as an ecologist with my husband Nick Singers, running our own consultancy business.
We have one child remaining at Kuratau School, Zoë is in Year 6, but her older brother Maxwell also went through Kuratau School, however our oldest daughter Hero, who is now at university, missed the Kuratau experience.
Education is the most important gift we can give our children. It has been an honour to support our principal and teachers to give our children the best education possible since I was co-opted to the Board of Trustees in April 2015 as treasurer. In this short time I believe I have contributed positively to ensure that the school is in the strong financial positon it is in today.
I highly value the conservation ethic being fostered in our children by the wetland project and my husband and I have been working with the school to develop this project and growing native plants to enhance the wetland. The possibilities this project presents for the education and a sense of belonging for our children is immense. The curiosity about the natural world and the importance of natural areas this promotes in the children will hopefully lead to a lifelong interest, connection and sense of guardianship. I believe that if people take care of a place it gives them a sense of pride, empathy and purpose. I see the wetland project as a great vector for stimulating these characteristics in our children.
Community service is very important to me as I have a strong sense of obligation to contribute to the community, provide opportunities for others, and to improve our society. This has been fostered by my parents who were always deeply involved in their local community. It is a privilege to serve on the Kuratau School Board of Trustees with such a strong, dedicated team.