Kuratau School


Please provide a non-perishable grocery items from each family for our Grocery Raffle.  A sheet of tickets have been sent home.  $2 per ticket.  Once the tickets are sold please return the sheet to school.  DO NOT cut them up as this will be done at school. 


Movie Days will be provided by our winning political party every second Friday beginning with the first one on Friday 3rd November.  $2 per child which includes a bag of popcorn.


A bake sale has also been organised by our winning political party.  This will be held every alternative Wednesday to our Movie Week.   Items will be priced on the day dependent upon types of items received. 

Each class has been allocated a day for their turn to provide items.


PLEASE NOTE:  All funds raised will go into the Waihi account to help with food costs for our trip.

Thank you for your support!