Kuratau School

Haere mai o te kura o Kuratau

 Welcome to Kuratau School

 Kimihia Te Matauranga Kia U Ki Te Pono
To seek knowledge and hold fast to the truth.

Our Mission Statement is:

Together we will provide quality education to create confident, life long learners.
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Kuratau School aims to:

Foster a climate where creativity is nurtured.

 Provide the best possible learning opportunities for all students.

  Provide an environment that will enhance effective learning.

  Present quality programmes which enhance children’s ability to communicate effectively.

 Sustain the uniqueness and whanaungatanga of Kuratau School.

 Be part of a learning culture of reflective teaching professionals.



In Kuratau schools whanau environment children are encourage to :


 Be Creative and seek knowledge (Thinking)

 Feel happy, safe and show respect. (Relate to others)

 Work independently and persevere (Managing self)

Be effective communicators (Participate and contribute)

Continually improve their academic progress (using language symbols text and technologies)



 Kuratau Community Trail Ride  - Click this link - /1/folders/12


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Please Note:
Only school whanau and caregivers will be accepted.  No children under the age of 16 will be accepted.